Fishing Creek

28 teams turned out even though 100% rain was forecasted.With periods of rain off and on it made it kinda nasty but the sun came out a few times only to be bombarded at the end with downpours that made weigh-in hectic.But we all survived what could have been a lot worse.
1.Grow-Jackson 11.35lbs.$1512
2.Perrel-Perrel 11.02lbs. $733
3.Hawkins-McGuirt 10.95lbs.$369
4.Cannon-Cannon 10.29lbs. $319 1st.BF 2.09lbs.$182
5.Potts-Shore 9.25lbs. $235
6.Eudy-Fenton 9.18lbs. $168
7. Swaringen-Ford 9.08lbs 2nd.BF 1.99lbs. $98
8.Ashe-Motley 9.05lbs.
9.Broughton-Vick 9.03lbs.
10.Bennett-Hicks 8.90lbs.
11.Jackson-Jordan 8.88lbs
12.Curtis-Robertson 8.69lbs
13.Smith-Harding 8.66lbs.
14.Danque 8.60lbs
15.Landon-Goforth 8.25lbs
16,Sprouse-Sharon 8.06lbs
17.Eudy-Koontz 8.04lbs
18.Dowey-Cantey 8.00lbs
19.Hilton 7.63lbs.
20.Willard 7.23lbs.
21.Wall-Gilbert 7.07lbs.
22.Outlaw-Hinson 6.60lbs.
23.Quan-Grimm 6.12lbs.
24.Warlick 5.72lbs.
25.Pope-Deitz n/w
Whisnant-Ramsey n/w
Hood-Gorth n/w
Manor-Rayburn n/w
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